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Google on bounce rating signal

Gary Illyes from Google's office commented the issue about bounce rate in his Twitter account. According to his words, using bounce rate in webpages ranking algorithms is not really the best way give Google a ranking signal.

It's not such a big news for us, because we heard something like that long ago in 2008. That time Matt Cutts called this kind of rate a noisy signal. He also said that it was spammable, which is why Google always avoided to use it. More than that, John Mueller also mentioned this question the same year when he said that the number of site visits and hitting the back button wouldn't make the website's ranking or indexing any better.

It is known, however, that the comment on bounce rate was related to the e.g. analytics and did't mean specifically that it had a little or no impact on the results. Anyways, this matter is getting more popular in the discussions among SEO specialists. Some of them argue that for some sites a high bounce rate may be a good thing, because it means that the user found what he wanted on the site and then he left satisfied. But for some other sites the same situation may only indicate that the user did't find anything worthy there.

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